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We spend the day at Schlitterbahn in Corpus Christi, TX. Great place for family fun and sun.

https://youtu.be/vP8XwBw4cZE?t=1m7s – Shopping and then looking for a place to setup for the day.
https://youtu.be/vP8XwBw4cZE?t=2m – Getting into the water.
https://youtu.be/vP8XwBw4cZE?t=2m56s – Torrent River (fast river with lots of waves)
https://youtu.be/vP8XwBw4cZE?t=4m8s – Lazy river slow moving and relaxing
https://youtu.be/vP8XwBw4cZE?t=4m34s – Sitting at the pool bar
https://youtu.be/vP8XwBw4cZE?t=5m58s – Schlitterbahn Corpus Christi Recap

More info on Schlitterbahn Corpus Christi, TX – Travel Journal #4

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