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Hey lovebugs!

Have you ever heard of Buccee’s? Well if not let me tell you! Better yet, let me SHOW you!

I love going to Buccee’s as most Texans do! It is such a cool place to shop, eat, fill your tank and use the cleanest restrooms around!

Where else can you get gas, use the restroom, get some Brisket, buy a Candle, a Tshirt, a pair of short, an Iron Skillet, some fresh made Fudge, some wine, and all the snacks and drinks you can get!

I wanted to share the one in Melissa, one of the newest ones in Dallas. Anyone in Texas will tell you Buccee’s is the place to go if you are taking a road trip or just looking for something fun to do.

There’s so many things that Texas has to offer, and Buccee’s is one of them. Be sure to stop if you ever see one. You won’t regret it!

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