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As part of our itinerary travel series where we took 5 days [ Exploring Texas Itinerary], after the first 48 hours in Fredericksburg, we spent the final 36 hours in Texas exploring Dallas, Fort Worth & Waco.

While this isn’t our first time to Texas, as we visited Austin and San Antonio before, on this trip we decided to visit new places we’ve never been to. We had 5 days in Texas where we first visited Fredericksburg in Texas Hill Country then drove up north to the Metroplex Area. We tried to see, eat and do as much as we could during our short visit!

Here is the itinerary of places we visited in Dallas, Fort Worth & Waco:
📋Preston & Krista’s Itinerary for 36 HOURS in Fredericksburg, TX
01. Magnolia Table
02. Magnolia Silos
03. Waco Wall Murals
04. Waco Suspension Bridge
05. Fort Worth Stockyards
06. The Fort Worth Herd
07. Fort Worth Water Gardens
08. Koryo Kalbi Korean BBQ
09. Canvas Hotel – Gallery Rooftop Lounge
10. Old Red Museum of Dallas County History & Culture
11. Dallas Farmers Market
12. Mudhen (*Permanently closed as of Nov 2019)
13. Dallas Heritage Village
14. Emporium Pies
15. Bishops Art District
16. Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Garden
17. Reunion Tower
18. Revolver Taco Lounge
19. Deep Ellum
20. The Texas Woofus
21. Nasher Sculpture Center
22. Klyde Warren Park
23. Pecan Lodge
24. Merit Coffee Co.
25. Magnolias Sous Le Pont
Bonus – Preston sightings!

To see everything we did during our 5-day trip in Central / North Texas, check out our other videos in the Exploring Texas Itinerary series to get the completed itinerary list of things we did during the trip! We also would love to hear about some of your favorite things to see, eat, or do in Texas too, so please feel free to comment below or share with us on Instagram. 🙂

For any suggestions for things we missed out and should check out for a future visit, we love hearing your recommendations too!

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Credits & Source:
• Satellite & Map Images by Google
• Old Red Museum postcard image of “Dallas County Courthouse (1909)” cCourtesy of Special Collections, University of Houston Libraries

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