OQ Chemical in Bishop, TX saved nearly K annually by switching to DIalight LED lighting.

Formerly OXEA, OQ Chemicals is a global producer of over 70 oxo chemical solvent products used in coatings, lubricants, sunscreens, cosmetics, printing inks and more. Its Bishop, Texas facility, located just outside of Corpus Christi, is a derivatives production facility and one of three OQ U.S. operations.

With a strong emphasis on operational efficiency and sustainability, over the past six years, the facility has undergone a massive digitalization and sustainability upgrade to improve productivity and control costs. As part of the program, Bishop’s Senior Instrument & Electrical Specialist Marcus Rubio began looking at the facility’s assortment of lighting as a potential opportunity.

With 7 different types of legacy lighting like fluorescent and metal halide,
they spending a lot of time relamping. They did not have the personnel for relamping and had to find a good quality light.

Rubio decided to standardize on Dialight Class I Div 2 fixtures across the plant.

Over the past 7 years, the Bishop facility has since retrofitted some 226 area light fixtures with Dialight products, including 24 flood lights, 48 linears, and 6 high bays. And, the company has just purchased six of the latest Dialight Reliant High Bays to replace the overhead fluorescent fixtures in its welding shop. Since then, they haven’t had to relamp once.

Aside from the hard costs of material procurement, OQ has also saved a substantial amount in labor expenses and eliminated the need to build scaffold, rent a crane or other expenses related to relamping.

With OQ’s emphasis on sustainability, the energy savings of converting to LED has also been a key benefit. With per-fixture consumption at least 60% lower with Dialight LEDs compared to conventional HPS fixtures, Rubio estimates the company is saving over 500000kw hr in electricity each year.

Read the full case study at: https://www.dialight.com/resource/oq-chemical-saves-on-maintenance-energy-with-dialight-dialight-case-study/

To learn more about OQ Chemical, visit: https://chemicals.oq.com/

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