More info on Corpus Christi New Harbor bridge under construction 11/21

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    harbor, coastal, inland waterways and flood projects, many of which will require dredging. This is a really big deal because this new money will go toward existing projects, work that’s been on ...

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    Federal, state and local officials sign partnering agreementUSACE NEW ORLEANS DISTRICTOn January ... 2021 to kick-off federal-led construction for the project.The Morganza to the Gulf of Mexico ...

  • List Of 50 ‘Food Deserts’ Proposed In New Jersey: Here’s Where

    The act strives to facilitate development, construction, and sustainable operations of new supermarkets and grocery stores within designated Food Desert Communities. It also aims to strengthen ...

  • America Together: Uplifting images from across the country

    There was a small ceremony to the theme of "Rocky" playing, announcing the Prom King and Queen, complete with homemade medals. Wyatt & Morgan danced the night away, slow and fast,until 11:00 at night.

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