On this episode of Street You Grew Up On, Kerry Washington and Eva Longoria Bastón travel to Corpus Christi, Texas to Dodd Street. This is where Eva got her start as a passionate activist, her and her family relied on Community programs for resources, but also gave back into these programs through volunteerism. It’s where she got her taste for business, becoming a mini entrepreneur by selling frozen Kool Aid for a profit. And finally, the street she grew up on was where she learned the meaning of sisterhood, growing up with 3 older sisters, one of which had special needs, she learned what it means to show up for each other and have unconditional love around you.

About Street You Grew Up On: Simpson Street is where our journey begins. It’s the street that Kerry Washington’s mom grew up on in The Bronx, NY. Through this social series, Kerry Washington interviews artists, influencers and industry experts to uncover their origin stories, amplify our common humanity and affirm the value of every individuals’ journey, beginning with the “street you grew up on…”

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