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We are excited to share with you an episode based on the fabulous style of Selena Quintanilla, the Queen of Tejano Musician who became one of Latin America’s most famous artists. Her music along with her style transcends a single culture and invites all fans to celebrate this extraordinary artist who music lives on today.

In this episode we discuss Selena’s style and what she would pull if she were going to shop in The Way We Wore, included in the pull are bustiers relating to the iconic studded bra tops, fun animal prints, and the ultimate in glamour outs gowns.

Here are links to some of the pieces referenced in the episode:
(Purple Drop Earrings) https://thewaywewore.com/products/80s-lavender-and-silver-aluminum-wrapped-earrings?_pos=5&_sid=80f924780&_ss=r
(Leopard Earrings) https://thewaywewore.com/products/80s-oversized-crystal-leopard-button-earrings?_pos=21&_sid=80f924780&_ss=r
(Galanos Blazer) https://thewaywewore.com/products/vintage-galanos-60s-metallic-blazer?_pos=1&_sid=5b0652307&_ss=r
(Scott Barrie Jumpsuit) https://thewaywewore.com/products/vintage-galanos-60s-metallic-blazer?_pos=1&_sid=5b0652307&_ss=r

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Starring: Doris Raymond ( Owner of The Way We Wore)
Directors/Producers/Editors: Michael Amato

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