“YIKES” is a web series surrounding the fictional short comings and experiences between roommates, Ryan and Ricky shortly after Ryan begins his own Vlog.

In this episode, Ryan and Ricky’s pasts catch up to them while Cris uncovers a dark conspiracy.

This production was entirely made in Corpus Christi, Texas, using actors, musician’s and location’s within the community.
All music can be found below : )

– Oldie Hawn : https://open.spotify.com/artist/0yp6MVB8IN43BT8Hjd0KJa?si=w8x-7Cs3TgOuYE102XGI_A
-Qween Paz : qweenpaz.bandcamp.comWeb resultsQween Paz – Bandcamp
-Curls(cover): https://youtu.be/qWQwin5ykGY
-In Motion(cover) : https://youtu.be/wIXo6k02jSY
-Raid(cover) : https://youtu.be/qIu7UKF1Aog
-Chromatics(remix) : https://youtu.be/GGHVxzhnulc
-Sleep Well. : https://open.spotify.com/artist/1NXvLZUU2sXwWRG1bm54Lj?si=OwqNU1lKSBSCb1SxKsb83g

” ” Making RV’s affordable, and fun.”- CCRV ” – Cris Olvera

More info on YIKES (2021) | Web Series | S01E03-Kaiju

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