The USS Lexington: Corpus Christi, TX
The USS Lexington (CV-16) nicknamed the Blue Ghost by the Japanese Tokyo Rose (because of the number of times it was reported sunk but wasn’t (4)) is a must see if you are in the Corpus Christi area. It has so much information not only about the USS Lexington, but about the planes it carried, WW2 in general, other ships, and naval history presented in various and entertaining and interesting ways. The Pearl Harbor exhibit and movie was thought provoking and so well done. They had some hands on activities like the Knot Thinking and all the parts of the ship that weren’t behind a display. It was windy that day so some of our outside audio was ruined, plus on the inside there was such an echo that some of the inside audio was hard to save. However, we spent a wonderful day exploring the parts of the ship that were accessible. It was hard to imagine what it would have been like for a sailor on a typical day on the ship, but they did a great job trying to help you grasp that concept. The 3D Mega Theater video really was able to drive that point home a little better. It was so well put together. We included a short clip in the video, but the full clip of 1 minute and 27 seconds can be found below or on the USS Lexington website at There were multiple things aboard the museum that we did not participate in and cost extra money above the ticket price: the escape room, the flight simulator, the overnight experience and the cafeteria.

Trailer for the 3D Mega Theater Movie:

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0:00-0:27 Introduction
0:28-16:55 USS Lexington
16:56-17:34 Nueces Brew and BBQ
17:35-18:15 Outro

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