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Corpus Christi, Texas is a wonderful, vibrant coastal city, with a small town feel, but a metropolitan amount of importance. The consistent ocean breeze mixed with the almost expected sunny days make Corpus Christi unforgettably charming.

But Corpus Christi can also be subjected to torrential downpours and hurricanes.

Just as quickly as those clear skies turn into frightening, unrelenting storms, that Corpus Chrisi charm can fade away for a moment, revealing real life nightmare fuel and monsters only disguised as humans.

This is Kevin Davis, and between the hours of 8 and 9 PM on March 26th, 2014,his life, as well as everyone’s around him would change forever, while his mother, Kimberly Hill, would lose hers.

To start the nearly never ending surprising facts around this, Kevin had a strong desire to end his own existence on earth. Taking his life by his own hands isn’t the shocking part – it’s that he asked his mother for permission to do it. As expected, she expressed that she absolutely did not want him to do that, but there was nothing she could do to stop him if he chose to do so.

This odd but seemingly innocuous exchange would spark a chain of completely depraved and unhinged actions by Kevin, unleashing 18 years of almost completely repressed twisted fantasies at once. What started as a conversation about taking his own life, hours later, would end up with Kevin taking a hammer to his mother’s head until her brain was completely exposed, and then using his bare hands to finish destroying her brain. As nauseatingly distressing as that fact is, it’s important to mention that there’s more. Just after finishing removing his mothers brain from her head, he would begin dragging her body into her bedroom. Kevin would lose his virginity that night in that bedroom. Roughly 12 hours later, Kevin would be in police custody, giving a full confession, as well as the rest of the horrific details, of which, there are still many to uncover.

This is the interrogation of Kevin Davis.

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