48 hour film challenge
Short film done in a 48 hour period
Film done in corpus christi, Tx

hen Mr.Bendis (Robert D Suares) the biggest supplier of narcotics in the city,get wind that his drivers are getting busted and the snitch is working for one of his top seller Ernesto Mata (Ernist Martinz) Mr. Bendis give him 48 hours to fix it. With a Allstar cast Jen Harper, Tellie Willingham Jr.,Stacy Ann Muniz, Guillermo ‘david’ Marin, Rianna Kristine Kirkham, Blake Justace Guevara Jaime Tijerina

Directed By Roel Oreo Guevara , Exective Producer Jacob Grim

Music End Credits Provide by : Hollow Point— from the album The Franchise Player
Much Love Cuz!!! thanks

****winner of best cinematography****
***** second runner up********
2nd Runner Up

More info on Repercussion STUF 48hr film chalenge

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