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Short Summary
Aaron Henderson, 25, Corpus Christi, Texas. Director, producer, story writer. Domingo Mendoza, 22, Mathis, Texas. Actor, producer, story writer.
Aaron and Domingo have dreams of being in and working their way up in the film business and this short film is the perfect place for us to start.
The contributors will help us purchase the right equipment to complete this project. Contributors will also allow us to pay our actors for participating in this project
What We Need & What You Get
We are looking for up to ,000 to purchase film and audio equipment, paying location owners and actors, editors, etc.
The ideas that we have put together for this project are like no others. The comedy is enough to make anyone laugh almost uncontrollably.
The funds go strictly to equipment and to the actors, location owners and editors. The campaign is for the project and the participants only.

The Impact
The world is always looking for a good laugh and we are here to bring it.
The project will be written with the best comedy possible, filmed with the best quality equipment that the funds allow. Once the project is complete, one lucky contest winner will be flown out to a personal first-screening with the screen writers.

Ways You Can Help
If you cannot contribute funds, share this project with your friends and families. Spread the word! Everything is contribution.
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