A short film by Reagan Johnson written and produced in 7 days for the 2014 Corpus Christi 7-Day Film Project.

Winner of the 2nd Place Jury Prize and Best Actor Award (Jacob Speights). Also nominated for Technical Achievement and Best Actor (Paul Richards).

Written, directed, filmed and edited by Reagan Johnson. Produced by Reagan Johnson, Celeste Lutz and Kaitlin Kalina. Script editing and story contributions by James R. Shaw. Starring Paul Richards and Jacob Speights.

Music: “Never Come Down” and “Maria Sangria” written and performed by Steven Alford (aka Steven James).

Special thanks to Yvette and Sergio Villarreal, Jim and Cammy Mikulencak, South Texas Speedway, Ken Hobbs, Eddy Ross, Justin Skinner, Jane Haas and the Corpus Christi Regional Transit Authority, Axis Tattoo, Joe Skrobarczyk (Jr. and Sr.), Bryan and Liza Winnie, and Jean O’Donnell at Renaissance Antiques.

More info on Going Somewhere (2014)

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