Flour Bluff is a suburb of Corpus Christi, TX that has good people living there and has good qualities about it, however over the years it has been plagued with an increase or influx migration of Vagrants making an otherwise peaceful community feel unsafe. These Vagrants openly sleep in the streets and on public businesses properties without regard for any resepct for the community trashing it with debris, liter, urinating in public, and leaving biohazzardous material at times. Despite numerous homeless shelters, available social services resources, charities, Drug rehabilitation programs etc.. that are both state and federally funded and are available to those who want the help, there are certain individuals who refuse to stay in homeless shelters or abide by such requirements of said programs due to not wanting to follow the rules or have any responsibilities. They instead prefer to stay on the street over the homeless shelters due to abusing drugs and not wanting to follow rules of programs that could help them if they cooperated. These individuals whom Activist in Flour Bluff refer to as “Vagrants” vandalize causing property damage to people’s private property, steal property and rob people in the community, aggressively panhandle and approach cars in traffic with certain vagrants even exposing themselves to women and children at traffic lights while in their cars. Activist in Flour Bluff have grown frustrated and tired of the numerous homeless Vagrant camps spread along Flour Bluff and have made efforts to attempt to clean up the community by reporting the illegal activites of the Vagrants. There are programs, resources, and help available to those individuals who want the help, unfortunately you can’t force people living lives of active drug use to accept help or take responsibility to follow the rules of society (No surprise). A complex issue at times, however at the end of the day people that live in a community with their families should have a reasonable right and expectation to feel safe in their community from aggressive panhadling drug addicts that vandalize property, and trespass on property with camps. This problem may never completely go away. The music in this video is not to poke fun at a serious problem and social issue but rather represents a variety of views from society ranging from thinking it’s funny to the more serious tone.

The video footage is a collection of videos recorded in the public domain by various individuals from Flour Bluff.

I do not own any rights to the music. This video is not being monetized for any money.

This video is to get people to think about a serious social issue that has an impact on all of society.


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