In our first episode we cover how we were inspired to start the Mi Casa Su Casa_DIY Channel and what we are all about. We just got located to Corpus Christi TX, on a military move, and are inviting you into our home to help us design and renovate it. Hence why Mi Casa, es Su Casa (My House is Your House).

We are in the military (US Navy) and understand the hesitation of investing into a home when we will be moving in the next 3-4 years. We heard not to invest too much into our home cause we wouldn’t have any revenue in such a short time but what we are going to show you, is how to maximize your homes potential with budget friendly DIY projects, that will bring your home to life and at the same time, hopefully bring great financial return with it.

So…Come on inside, grab a cold beverage, kick up your feet, and enjoy the show.

Special thanks to Jonathon Villalon, owner of JMacs Design Home Remodeling, in Lubbock TX, for all the consultations. You truly made it easier.
To our realtors, Jan Mackie, Cindy McGee Dunn, & Guyon Lewis for sealing the deal!
And to our great friend and neighbor Wade Barrow for believing and all the hook ups. LOL

More info on Episode 1: What is Mi Casa Su Casa_DIY?

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