The Sunrise Mall in Corpus Christi Texas, once the popular mall, even used in a movie The Legend of Billie Jean, but now closed, abandoned and vandalized. This mall is now a dead mall and still kept its 80’s retro style as it was never updated. This mall opened in 1981 and was featured as a two-story enclosed shopping mall with air condition. This video is a walkaround tour of the outside of the mall. At the end we discovered that one of the boards covering the broken glass near the Dollar Cinema was broken and we just filmed from the outside. You can see the exterior of the cinema and the food court area. We did not want to trespass like other YouTubers that were arrested for breaking and entering. We would love to see this mall open again, or love to be given a tour inside *Hint Hint*. This mall closed its doors in 2019 and waits its fate. This mall would have been perfect for a zombie movie or Stranger Things TV show with their mall the Star Court as you would not have to really decorate. Walking around you can see a lot of broken glass, trash, boarded up windows and graffiti. This video was filmed 2022 in 4K vid we hope you all enjoy and thanks for watching us explore.
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