Jesus Christ was born in modern day Corpus Christi, Texas. As a young trans girl she is tormented – as a young woman committed to her beliefs she is persecuted. Her disciples are queer women and non binary people who have become disillusioned with the emptiness of a world untouched by the divine, and join Jesus in order to find meaning beyond “the system” (the Roman Empire) – but uncompromising beliefs require sacrifice. Jesus is betrayed by her lover (a cisgender Judas), is abandoned by the apostles, is tortured and mocked, and is crucified. Corpus Christi is a play about what marginalized people must sacrifice to secure liberation, whether that sacrifice is worthwhile, and the role of spirituality in tough decision making for marginalized people.

Little Theater
November 17 @ 8pm
November 18 @ 8pm
November 19 @ 2pm and 8pm
November 20 @ 2pm

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Or in Hall Auditorium at Central Ticketing Services from 12-5pm

More info on Corpus Christi / Theater Lab Series 2016

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