This will be a big weekend for small businesses. It’s the seventh annual Small Business Saturday, when people are encouraged to shop at small local businesses.

The Corpus Christi Trade Center has been a shopping mecca for locals looking for a deal for over three decades.

The 304 locally owned booths inside the trade center are what Small Business Saturday is all about.

“As local people the money stays here. I mean there’s nothing wrong with big business but small businesses work just as hard,” says Jerry Bistrrzki, owner of Reflections Jewelry.

Samll Business Saturday is a nationwide event; but it’s not just about shopping at local businesses. It’s a cause that promotes support in local economies and diversifies communities.

“This has been here for over 10 years, at least, we have some other businesses but this one has been here longer than the rest,” said Abrahim Zubair, a part owner of Down South Cellular.

The small business owners at the trade center are as eclectic as their offerings and when you support local you support families.

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